The artwork of Carrine M Lovelace

I am an American Veteran of Haitian descent and I was raised by my mother in Laval, a suburb of Montreal in Canada. I spent my summers with my father in the countryside of the wine region of Bordeaux in France. I currently live in the Greater Kansas City area near my daughter, my saving grace, who attends The University of Kansas.

I discovered my artistic destiny at the age of forty while struggling with increasingly worsening depression and anxiety. Even though I obtained a degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales University, I did not find my artistic outlet until much later in the form of writing, drawing and illustration art.

As I become seasoned and entrenched in the art world, I slowly discover what makes me salivate. The color black is fascinating to me; shadows, highlights and gradients and all those art terms I really don’t intellectually know but instinctually recognize. Mixing different mediums such as graphite, ink, and acrylics to achieve a bold, intense, emotion evoking picture. Taking it a step further by using glaze, resin, casein, and polymers to get a mesmerizing finished product.

The way people quietly look at my drawings, silently read my poems, eagerly peruse my essays, avidly flip through my illustrations fills me with radiant energy.

When once my goal was to purge my mind and liberate my brain, I now aim to fill your heart, to crowd your brain, to expand your life, to engage your senses and to stimulate your appetites. My objective for the next two years is to explore, to learn and to create.