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An American Pride — July 3, 2017

An American Pride

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When I was a kid I was so proud to proclaim my American status to anyone, wether they cared to hear it or not!

I grew up in Montreal with my mom from the age of four (1975 – 1990), and spent my summers in France with my dad (1976 – 1988). You could not find a kid more eager to tell you they were American. I even joined the US Army at the tender age of nineteen to prove it!

When I was stationed in Germany while serving in the military (1992 – 1994), I was still proud, obviously, to be American, but would not go out of my way to showcase it when not in uniform. It was more a case of being proud to be a multi-cultural American, so I went a little out of my way to demonstrate, to Europeans, that Americans came from all walks…

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Shabby Chic Meets Primitive Elegance! — April 7, 2015

Shabby Chic Meets Primitive Elegance!

<<>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sold Separately <<<<<<<<<<<<>>

TABLE w/ GLASS TOP $185 (priced reduced) $125 
Spool was brushed with a gloss blue oil based paint & a walnut stain & sealer then lightly sanded.
The 50″ glass top is supported by 8 black & bronze finials. The glass shows considerable wear and is scratched.

Hinkle Young Corp. chairs are solid wood with a curved leather back with brass nail accents. (No tears or distress on the leather). Saddle seats are finished with a découpage technique using safari theme paper layered with tapestry glue, Mod-Podge, walnut stain & sealer and a protective coat of polyurethane. The legs were brushed with the walnut stain & sealer and a blue gloss oil based paint. The effect is an aged painted or dyed hand-tooled leather.

RUSTIC WOOD ART by local KC artist $175 SOLD
Shabby chic meets primitive elegance in this rustic wood art using reclaimed wood. It includes a stand so it can be displayed as shown in picture or it can be put on a mantle, an entry or sofa table or hung on a wall.

Can Deliver for a fee in the greater Kansas City Area




I saw this almost as tall as I am (5’1″) pod and jumped for joy, literally. I am in Kansas City, it’s not everyday you find tropical dried leaves in a flea market in Kansas City, Missouri. That being said, the pod was very rough looking, it had been varnished at some point and was now peeling.

My good fortune that day as the vendor was having a 50% off sale. I skipped out of the flea market, literally, with my $6 pod.

I debated with painting a scene on the pod or just doing an ombré effect. I decided to make it more Shabby Chic decor and added a bunch of twigs.

Once it was all finished, it was time for me to take some pictures to advertise an event I was going to be attending as a vendor. And that, ladies and gentleman, is when I came up with the name Afro -Chic…

The rest, as they say, is history!




Tools as art – Repurposed Old Saw —

Tools as art – Repurposed Old Saw


Painted Old Saw
Artist : C. M. Lovelace (that’s me)

I was at a flea market a few weeks back and saw this old dirty and rusted saw. I remembered seeing painted saws on Pinterest and decided to give it a try. I’m actually not a painter, as I’m sure is evident looking at the saw, but I think adding some personal touches to your space such as a painted tool you did yourself adds tremendous personality to your home.



DO NOT worry about being perfect.  Art is not about technique and perfection, it's about expressing yourself and sharing your vision with others.
DO showcase your creativity,not only will it give you a great sense of pride and accomplishment, but it will also be a conversation starter as your guests admire your creativity.



You can also turn your Art Tool into Inspirational Art by adding either a word or a quote to it.  Or,since it was originally very rustic, use it in a "Man Cave" or a space in the house dedicated to The Man of the House!  In that case I would live a little bit of the rustic and not paint the handle and use more earth tone colors to the artwork


Afro-Chic Meets Modern Chic! — December 13, 2014
TIPS & IDEAS – HANDCRAFTED GIFTS — December 12, 2014
CML ARTISTRY – Collage —
CML ARTISTRY – Collage —
CML ARTISTRY – 3D Art Collage —
“Island Santa”. Original Art — December 10, 2014

“Island Santa”. Original Art

Artist Carrine M Lovelace

American of Haitian Descent

Medium:  Pencil, graphite, charcoal, ink, wax, marker, paint, wood, metal

Genre:  Tribal, symbolic, sureallism, illustrations, portraits, nature, flowers

Latest Work:  “Island Santa”. Santa Claus chilling in the tropics in his sleeveless T-shirt and rests hair… Nose ting and feathers in hair.   Cool!

image image