Painted Old Saw
Artist : C. M. Lovelace (that’s me)

I was at a flea market a few weeks back and saw this old dirty and rusted saw. I remembered seeing painted saws on Pinterest and decided to give it a try. I’m actually not a painter, as I’m sure is evident looking at the saw, but I think adding some personal touches to your space such as a painted tool you did yourself adds tremendous personality to your home.



DO NOT worry about being perfect.  Art is not about technique and perfection, it's about expressing yourself and sharing your vision with others.
DO showcase your creativity,not only will it give you a great sense of pride and accomplishment, but it will also be a conversation starter as your guests admire your creativity.



You can also turn your Art Tool into Inspirational Art by adding either a word or a quote to it.  Or,since it was originally very rustic, use it in a "Man Cave" or a space in the house dedicated to The Man of the House!  In that case I would live a little bit of the rustic and not paint the handle and use more earth tone colors to the artwork