Found this image on Pinterest and loved it! I did this once (I’ll try and find my old pictures) on my dining room chairs. My furniture was Queen Anne Style with a high gloss cherry finish. When I came “into” my style, my furniture looked so out of place and outdated in my house.


I reupholstered the seats of my dining room chairs with a very colorful and ethnic themed fabric. Very easy and inexpensive to do. It cost me $0 as my aunt had given me the fabric a few years earlier. However the transformation was immediate! It gave my space an updated and personolized feel.

Try it out! As we grow and experience more of life, our taste will change to reflect not only what life has given us so far but also give a glimpse into what our hopes and aspirations for our future are.

In a way, when you look at someone’s space, you see their past, their present and their future. So when someone invites you to enter their home, be grateful, be humble and be appreciative… They are giving you an insight into where they have been, physically and spiritually, where they are in the present moment, and where they hope to be headed in the future.

Another example, a Parsons Chair…beautiful 20141212-203534.jpg

Check out this link also, featured picture, accenting your traditional furniture with colorful African print throw pillows. You can be as bold or as subtle as you choose, African print design make a statement all on their own.