TIP #4

DO Miss-Match instead of Mix-Match.  What I mean is, do mix your different materials and textures with each other.  Everything DOES NOT have to match in style, color, material and age.

Vintage sewing machine turn table side server.

Vintage Haïtian carved wood medallion, which used to be the top of a side table, now used as a table top serving tray or display tray.  


Federal Milk Glass dessert/snack dish set.  I love the contrast of the white delicate dishes on the darker rustic wood surface.

Wood animal decorative accessories.  Hand carved mini wood statues from Kenya.  Adds a little bit of ethnic world charm without being too safari and looking foreign in a home decorated in a modern, contemporary, minimalistic or even industrial chic.


Wood bowls placed on a wrought iron chair the is nicely and naturally patina.  Put some aromatic dried flowers in the bowl, adds some fragrance, color and texture.  And by the way, bowls, plates and vases do not have to be placed on tables only, use a chair, a ladder, a barrel, another bigger container upside down, suspended from your beam or rafters, think outside the box!


Happy Mix-Matching!

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